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Summer 2024 Tournament 


Schools should adopt a test-blind policy for admissions.

8/9 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Debating in the MSPDP Format

Summer 2023 Tournament
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Our Past Tournaments

December 30 2022 Tournament

Winter 2022 Tournament-1.png
Winter 2022 Tournament-2.png
Winter 2022 Tournament-3.png

9 students participated in this tournament, debating the topic: The voting age should be lowered. Team Sophie Huang, Henry Cheng, and Amy Fu won first place after the winning the championship round. Jenny Wu won the gavel (first place speaker). Sophie and Olivia Li tied for second place speaker.

August 14 2022 Tournament


RDA hosted a tournament after summer camp 2022 for all summer camp students and anyone interested. Valentina Muck, Justin Wang, and Isabelle Zhao took home the first place team win. Valentina Muck won the gavel (first place speaker). Justin Wang won second place speaker. Olivia Li won third place speaker.


Congratulations to Valentina Muck, Justin Wang, and Isabelle Zhao for winning first place team, Valentina Muck for winning the gavel (first place speaker), Justin Wang for winning second place speaker, and Olivia Li for winning third place speaker.

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