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Calling all people passionate about fighting educational inequality in debate! Help us expand our reach by joining us today!

Join the Team


Open Roles


We are looking for passionate and proactive individuals, preferably with debate experience. The job of an ambassador is to expand the reach of RDA by organizing RDA activities, recruit teachers and volunteers, and brainstorm ways RDA could expand. Ambassadors will be the leaders of the RDA team and will need to proactive and innovative.


We are looking for debaters who want to help grow the next generation of debaters. The job of a teacher is teach debate to students and occasionally serve as judges for tournaments. Teachers should be committed to classes and the curriculum.

Marketing Director

We are looking for someone who has a niche for marketing to further promote RDA on social media platforms, our website, etc. Experience working with social media would be ideal. Your job will also to brainstorm other ways we can promote RDA.


We are looking for someone great at communication to be in charge of communications with students, parents, and schools. Admin will also conduct outreach with other schools and organizations.

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