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Summer 2024 Camps Open Now! 

Summer Tournament Registration Open!

Inequalities in debate occur in debate camps, private vs. public schools, and different public schools.

On average, debate camps cost $2,528 to $4,325 with the most expensive ones being $6,000. To put this in perspective, that’s 41%, 69%, and 96% of the average monthly income of a full-time employee.

Public schools

8 in 10 private schools offer a debate program while 2 in 10 public schools do.

Nationally, we spend about $1,000 less per pupil on districts serving the most impoverished students. That’s a $5 million shortage for poor districts a year.

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Summer 2024 Tournament Open Now!


Summer Camps 2024 Open Now!


About Us

Roundtable Debate Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving more people access to debate.


Signature Camps

Debate Camp: a two week camp that teaches debate through argumentation, speech, and fun!

Political Engagement Camp: a one week camp that engages students in deep discussions about American politics

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Students put their skills to the test and debate away!

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Mini Events

Experience a snipet of RDA classes with these sessions!

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Looking for RDA ambassadors!

Calling all passionate about taking lead in combatting educational inequality in debate!

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